Arter, headquartered in Istanbul, provides service throughout the country (Turkey) in the field of interventional cardiology with its sales and distribution scheme.

Arter proceeding its business with more than 25 year field experience has undertaken the mission of pioneering in extreme specialties of interventional cardiology and is moving on with the designated vision which aligns with the corporate mission.

Our Vision

Bringing high quality and state of the art products and services into use for the sake of countrymen in accordance with well accepted national and international laws and standards with the most appropriate timing.

Our Mission

  • - Transfering to our country , as a model, the expertise of scientists who has undertaken pioneering role in the studies of interventional cardiolog.
  • - Ensuring the use of high technology at the right place with appropriate timing to regain and maintain the health of countrymen.
  • - Providing a support to innovative ideas in the studies of interventional cardiolog with industry.